Keisha Smith

Keisha Smith is the busy mother of a 12-year-old son, a teacher’s assistant at the Springfield Urban League and a student pursuing an Associate Degree in Education in her free time. Now she can add homeowner to her resume.

The Chicago native who has lived in Springfield for the past five years has been approved for the Homeownership Program with Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County. She first heard about the program several years ago from a friend at work but did not qualify at the time. Keisha applied this year, was accepted, and has begun volunteering with Habitat to build up sweat equity in her future home.

She’s determined to find a safe neighborhood to build her home, preferably one where she and son Jeremiah will be close to family.

“My son is so excited. He’s picked out the color for his bedroom walls,” she said.  “He can’t wait.”

“I’ve always wanted something for myself,” she added. “I’d rather not have to pay someone else when I can put the money back into my own place.”